Environmental Impact Assessment (EA/EIA)

All manner of private and public sector transportation, infrastructure, energy, resource and land development investments require various environmental approvals, frequently gained at more than one level of jurisdiction. Such projects are now responding to the need for a better and more complete understanding of landscape level and cumulative effects.

Working with environmental consultants that understand projects in a broader context enables a more complete consideration of potential impact avoidance and mitigation measures, along with ecological restoration and sustainability enhancement initiatives. Our team coordinates and completes environmental impact assessments and approvals with a focus on current and sound science.

We offer the following Assessment services:

  • Environmental Assessment & Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Cumulative Effects Assessment
  • Regulatory Agency Engagement
  • Net Gain & Overall Benefit Assessment
  • Mitigation Design & Implementation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Approvals Coordination
  • Expert Testimony

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Environmental Planning & Sustainability

Planning at various scales requires a comprehensive understanding of how the ecosystem functions as well as how the environment will respond to proposed large scale land use changes and individual land, water and resource projects.

Sustainability is an underlying principle, which affects the way we view and manage the land, its resources and our relationship to those resources. The language around sustainability is evolving, and is often mixed with a number of other principles and themes, such as climate change adaptation, resilience, ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation.

Like many stakeholders, we are evolving our understanding of and response to these new paradigms. Our technical work, specialized technologies, and novel concepts contribute to sound planning and balanced decision-making. We help decision-makers answer challenging questions like “How much natural area is enough to support healthy, sustainable and resilient communities?”

We offer the following Planning services:

  • Genuine Community & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Climate Change Adaptation Planning
  • Biodiversity Conservation Planning
  • Species at Risk (SAR) Conservation & Recovery Planning
  • Watershed, Basin, Regional & Coastal Zone Planning
  • Policy & Legislative Advisory Services
  • Project Coordination & Documentation

Contact us via telephone or email for a quote or additional information. A list of our recent project work can be found here .

Ecological Design

As we continue to expand and refine our knowledge of the relationships and components of the environment, how they interact, and how they relate to large scale energy, carbon, and nutrient cycles, we become more adept at managing and restoring natural habitats. The design process is a creative and evolving practice, used in our firm to improve outcomes associated with environmental restoration, mitigation, and enhancement.

Our team routinely integrates their work with a wide range of specialists, applying the design process to resolve practical challenges such as erosion and topsoil loss, water and soil pollution, biodiversity & species at risk losses, vegetation decline and the need for climate change adaptation measures.  We lead the development of best practice guidelines, project and program designs, ecological restoration projects, conservation and restoration initiatives, working in a multi-disciplinary, innovative and collaborative manner.

We offer the following Design services:

  • Natural Infrastructure Solutions
  • Natural Heritage System (NHS) Planning & Design
  • Wetland, Woodland & Grassland Design
  • Mitigation Activity Design
  • Species at Risk (SAR) Habitat Design
  • Invasive Species Control Design & Implementation

Giving Back

Savanta in the Broader Community

Our team members contribute to their communities in many ways. As a company, Savanta supports their interests, and also gives to a range of organizations, principally those engaged in environmental conservation and research, but also to some, engaged in poverty alleviation and wellness.

Groups we have sponsored:

Royal Ontario Museum

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Niagara Region Science and Engineering Fair

Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation

Society for Ecological Restoration

Canadian Cancer Society

Peter Gilgan Foundation

Habitat for Humanity

World Wildlife Fund

Namo Buddha Foundation

Community Care