Expressing Your Message with Empathy

At the end of May, I was fortunate and grateful to attend the first Ontario Biodiversity Summit held in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was an excellent 4-day event, with a unique youth presentation stream, plenty of networking opportunities, incredible ...

Spring, for Turtles in Ontario

In the spring, turtles in our ecoregion begin moving from their overwintering sites to summer foraging ponds, competing for mates and food resources. This is the best time to see Snapping Turtles and Blanding's Turtles, who tend to bask less than the common Painted Turtles, as they’re eager to warm up and get ...

Thriving With Nature: Restoring Natural Heritage Systems in Urban Contexts

The definition of a 'Natural Heritage System', or NHS, has advanced from the protection of wooded and wetland patches on the landscape, to a more holistic definition of an ecosystem including a connected system of diverse natural features and their associated ecological functions.  This NHS planning approach is ...

Innovative Barn Swallow Habitat Design

The Barn Swallow, an aerial insectivore, catches its insect prey on the wing. In Ontario, this medium sized songbird has been listed as Threatened since 2011 under the Endangered Species Act (2007). Easily recognizable, the male has a glossy steel-blue back and upper wings, ...

Ontario’s New Provincial Policy Statement: Initial Natural Environment Observations and Thoughts

Biodiversity, Ecological Benefits & Climate Change

The topics of biodiversity conservation, ecological benefits and the need to respond to a changing climate emerge in a few instances in the 2014 PPS. These references (below in italics) reflect a shift towards an alignment with biodiversity ...

Urban Ecological Restoration Workshop | March 2014

Workshop notes have been synthesized and edited with the intent to provide a useful guidance document for Urban Ecological Restoration. Some additional context has been added to help everyone reading to understand what took place at the event as well as to lay things open for continuing discussions.

Development as a Trigger for Enhanced Habitat

Aside from simply following construction and compliance monitoring plans, many developers are investing to ensure the habitat maintained within a new community is higher quality than it was previously.

Forest Health Review

This event brings together professionals in the industry, from foresters to researchers, to network and share the latest information, including threats to the health of forests, generally and in Ontario particularly.

Ontario Snakes Have Found Their Winter Homes

Almost all the leaves have fallen and temperatures have begun to dip. For Ontario snakes, this means its time to hibernate. October is one of the most important months for snakes in Ontario, when there is real pressure to find the perfect hibernacula to cozy up inside and hide from the cold winter frosts. By November, they ...

Leading Edge 2013 - Niagara Escarpment Commission

A biennial event showcasing recent & proposed activities for sustainable communities, research, ecological monitoring and conservation on Ontario's Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

CANSEE Conference 2013

The Canadian Society for Ecological Economics Conference 2013 at York University was an excellent 3 day event.

Why Forests Matter

On September 25th, the Art Gallery of Ontario hosted an important collaborative event between The Nature Conservancy of Canada and

Royal Patrons Circle: An Extraordinary Supporter

It is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated for your hard work an contributions. For Tom Hilditch, the phrase 'giving back' is a heartfelt and deep rooted sentiment.  

Will the Bank Swallow be Listed in Ontario?

This coming January, the Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario (COSSARO) will be meeting to decide upon the listing of several species of plants and animals in Ontario. Based on my experience, the listing of species can have an impact on those engaged in both the fields of conservation and ...

Environmental Misinformation

It’s very easy to become discouraged by the environmental news in the media.  Headlines grasp for our attention and content attempts to evoke some kind of emotion from us. Is there an adverse effect when the media is an attention seeking tool rather than an information sharing tool?

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