Why Engage Savanta?

Environmental requirements continue to expand and become more complex for planning and development projects.  Along with this increasing complexity comes a heightened demand (and need) for genuine consultation and effective communications.  Taken together, these considerations can make it much more challenging to responsibly and successfully complete important initiatives within reasonable timeframes and budgets.

Towards these outcomes, we apply highly specialized technical knowledge and expertise in the areas of the natural sciences and environmental planning.  Many of our experts are considered thought leaders in their areas of specialization.  In that regard, we bring an understanding of current and emerging science together with substantial practical experience in domestic and international markets.

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Our Approach

Recognizing that environmental issues tend to be intricate, often involving many competing and complex interests and stakeholders, Savanta seeks to develop practical and efficient solutions with positive outcomes. Rather than combative techniques, we favour collaborative engagement.

The senior skills we bring to projects are accompanied by an innovative approach. Traditional thinking need not constrain us. We turn towards the most effective means of achieving positive and progressive outcomes. Our deep respect for people and understanding of processes, legislation, policies and guidelines is complemented by our ability to find different, and in many cases more efficient, paths towards achieving success.

We work professionally with private and public sector clients, industry associations, institutions and ENGOs, providing specialized knowledge and experience in:

• Environmental Planning and Sustainability

• Environmental Impact Assessment

• Ecological Design

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Virtual Offices

Being accessible across a broad geographic base is important. Savanta's reach is global.

We currently collaborate from a diverse base of virtual and physical offices in Canada and plan to expand these operations.

This approach to business allows our team to greatly reduce commuting contributions to greenhouse gas production, while supporting a unique opportunity to optimize our work/life balance.

Our Team

With technical experience in forest, wetland, grassland, tundra and arid landscapes within arctic, boreal, temperate, near tropic and tropical ecosystems, we have collectively worked in more than 30 countries across 6 continents. 

 We encourage you to learn more about our team by exploring our individual profiles  here.